A Self-Care Mindset During Stressful Times


We live in a society where anyone and everyone’s ideas are widely promulgated, especially throughout all forms of the media. One of the first things we often do when we wake up is “check in” to see what is going on in the world. Some of us read the newspaper, others turn on the television to watch the news. Others check their phone and scroll through to catch up on what people are saying about others and the world.

It is important to recognize that what someone says or does in one country is no longer privately exclusive to those people, but is public knowledge to the world, which can impact decisions made elsewhere and then trickle throughout our planet.

This same philosophy is true for the microcosmic worlds that each and everyone of us live in. What we say or do, doesn’t just have an effect on us, but also influences other lives, which can have a lifetime effect and set the tone or even foundation for their personal states-of-mind and the decisions they make.


Unfortunately, a lot of what we see these days triggers the antithesis of a happy and peaceful state of mind and sends us reeling into a fight or flight response where we are taxed on a daily basis, shouldering the burden of unnecessary chronic stressors. Despite being inundated with messages of hate, violence, fear, sickness, death, division, and mere uncertainty for what tomorrow brings, there are practices that you can put into place to move forward toward a life of peace, happiness, and fulfillment.


From my experience working with parents, educators, and children for over two decades, I have come to realize the importance that lies in understanding and strengthening our intra- and interpersonal “emotional intelligence” and owning the impact that we have individually and collectively as communities on other people’s psyches (especially young people) and their overall mind-body-spirit development.

With that said, there is an amalgam of factors that contributes to how we think, perceive our world, analyze, judge, and evaluate our surroundings. One of the first steps we must take to grow our world in the direction we ideally envision, is to “clear out the weeds” so to speak. We must remove any (mis) perceptions or pre-conceived notions we may have and allow for new ideas and ways of thinking to penetrate and foster our minds – without imposing judgment on them as “right or wrong.”

When we turn our attention onto daily actions that are in our control to make a positive difference in someone’s life, we will no longer be “waiting on the world to change” (as John Mayer wrote). We will no longer sit back and watch “who will make the next move” or put our faith in one person or group to be the savior from all of our problems.


Much of this may seem like common sense understanding to you as to how we should act in accordance with others in our world. However, we must realize that the choices we make are inherently dictated by what we know (or for that matter “don’t know”) and believe to be our personal truths.

If you can take a step back for just a moment and cut yourself some slack to realize that knowing that you don’t have everything figured out in life is perfectly okay. There is no shame or weakness in realizing that your beliefs may be limiting and being open to new possibilities. Your awareness of your own thinking processes opens up even greater opportunities for growth and deeper understanding throughout your life. And no matter where life has brought you, there is plenty of time to learn, innovate, and grow yourself into the person you wish to become.

This transformational shift starts by keeping an open mind and being aware that where your attention goes, your energy flows and becomes your state of mind. This principle does not deviate from person-to-person and does not discriminate based on age, gender, race, ethnicity, etc.


Now that I’ve laid out the premise for what is needed to effectively make positive change in your life, here are three actionable steps that you can take today that will help make that change and positively shape your outlook on life through uncertain and tumultuous times.

1. Live in a state of gratitude and appreciation. – Before you rise out of bed each day, give thanks for at least five things you are grateful for in your life. Say them with feeling and utter conviction. Repeat the process before you go to sleep for the day.

2. Surrender yourself to a higher power. – I firmly feel that the problems that we deem ours are part of a grander plan. Giving your problems to that higher power (God, Source, Universe, etc.) to figure out is a big part of self-care and having faith that there is a greater plan at work for our greater good.

3. Separate yourself from your body, surroundings, and time. – This strategy may be the most challenging of the three. This requires your mind to sit still and go from an active beta brain wave activity to an alpha or theta) brain wave functioning where you are not focusing too hard on any one particular thing, but rather feeling this wakeful relaxation. Personally, I enjoy doing Tai Chi and Qigong in my basement, while listening to meditation music in a frequency around 432 Hz, which resonates with Earth’s natural frequency. I would encourage you to take up some form of meditation on a regular basis. Start small and slow, yet remain consistent.

When you are “no one”, “no where” in “no time,” you are inviting a new consciousness to arrive and guide you toward healing and self-awareness like never before.

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