Family Coaching

Today raising children to become healthy, loving, and independent individuals is a process filled with pitfalls and challenges — from bullying, drugs, sex, and peer pressures to unrelenting societal demands, endless technology challenges, and negative peer influences. Children are living in a ‘war on childhood,’ where problems no longer are viewed as opportunities to problem-solve, but rather an ‘enrichment opportunity’ at every turn.

“Douglas was extremely helpful in us becoming better parents. Teenagers can be challenging, but Douglas’s experiences in teaching, working with all kinds of parents, and coaching really helped us find a good way to work with our kids to have a much better family life!!”   – George B. 

Every family has their own unique needs and challenges. Kids have a lot on their plate today and so do their parents. That’s where the family coaching comes in handy to target specific issues that a family faces.

The most common questions I hear parents ask:

  • How do I deal with typical teenage behavior that my kids exhibit?
  • What can I do to socialize kids outside of their technology bubble?
  • How can I react better when faced with temper tantrums or rebellious behavior?
  • How do I regulate technology use?
  • How do I set rules and reinforce them?
  • How do I speak with my children so they listen?
  • What should I do or say when my kids talk back?
  • How do I get my child to become motivated at school and in organized activities without becoming detrimental to my child’s development or injuring our relationship?

If this all sounds familiar and you are looking for ways to improve your relationship with your children, then you are in the right place.

“I want to express our thanks and appreciation for all of Douglas’s encouragement and empowerment that was bestowed. His unconditional support really helped our daughter this year and had a profound impact on how she internalized her experiences!!!!!”  – Rich & Lauren B.

What can you expect to receive from my family coaching sessions?

Through family coaching, I enjoy helping parents get back on the right path when they face various parenting issues and confusion as to what to do next while raising children. My goal is to help family members live in harmony with one another where love, understanding and mutual respect flourish.

From my family coaching sessions, you can expect to receive a nonjudgmental approach, where you and your family needs are at the center. You will be provided with specific guidance and strategies on how to achieve your personal goals in creating and nourishing relationships you desire.

Each session is one hour long (via Zoom). For your personal needs, you can have one session or as many as needed. However, two or more sessions are recommended to make sure that you are on the right path for achieving your desired goals.

Pricing options vary per client needs.

To start your coaching sessions, contact me at [email protected]